Now there is one more reason for you to keep on visiting Timezone. Get Rs. 500 and above bonus on your every fourth visit. Pick one of your plans of your choice.


  1. Repeat Customer Campaign is a limited period promotional offer and is valid for 180 days from the date of issue.
  2. Offer is subject to specific load denominations – Rs.600 and above OR Rs.1000 and above 
  3. To participate in the offers customers, need to insist for their Promo Power / Gold Card from the Timezone cashier
  4. Each load or reload transaction pertains to a visit in the campaign
  5. In order to entitle for 4th visit reward (free bonus) each visit of the customer must be duly acknowledged by Timezone’s staff by the appropriate visit being punched on the customers powercard. Timezone System generated transactions shall be final and be binding to acknowledge any reward.
  6. Gratification holds for one series at a time. Each load for 600 or above OR 1000 or above shall be treated as one visit in either of the two reward series depending upon the denomination of the load and not both.
    or Eg: If a customer has done two transactions of Rs.600 and above and his third transaction is for Rs. 1000 he would be rewarded for bonus of Rs.300 only.      
    In the similar manner, if he has done two transactions of Rs. 1000 and above and his third transaction is for Rs. 600 he would still be rewarded Rs. 300 bonus.
  7. In order to avail benefits of the offer, carrying the same card is mandatory. Schemes or benefits would be void in case of any lost or damaged card. 
  8. Upon loss of card the customer shall be issued a new power / gold card as per the existing norms of providing required details. Loads on the reissued card shall be treated as Visit 1 irrespective of the levels reached on the lost card
  9. Post completion of sixteen visits, New card would be issued on submission of old completely punched card.
  10. Offer is applicable in all stores except Inorbit and Pacific Pune.
  11. In case of any dispute, decision of TEPL management shall be final and binding. This offer is subject to jurisdiction of competent court/s of Mumbai/ Goa/Bengaluru/Kolkata/Pune as the case may be.
  12. TEPL shall not be responsible for any loss/ theft of the coupon while in possession of the customer and no claims of any nature whatsoever shall be entertained in this regard.
  13. Participation in offer is entirely voluntary. Participation in offer shall imply unconditional and full acceptance of all the terms and conditions of scheme which is posted on the website
  14. Timezone has the right to change, alter, modify terms and conditions pertaining to the promotion at any time during the promo period.
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